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Dean and Rochelle Kraft, 527 Third Ave., Suite #266,
New York, NY 10016  NEW TELEPHONE 212-501-2222
Had silicone injected into cheekbones and, unfortunately, the silicone travelled into her left eye creating a severe and medically incurable infection and eye distortion. Had "hopeless" situation confirmed by six doctors -- had three sessions with Dean Kraft and infection and distortion of left eye disappeared. Click here to read
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Merial C. Salisbury
Brought 3 month old daughter, Jennifer, with 70% hearing loss due to nerve damage - diagnosed as "severely to profoundly deaf", to see Dean for his laying-on-of-hands treatments. Jennifer was enrolled in the Lexington School for the Deaf and fitted with a hearing aid. Soon after treatment, father noticed improvement and daughter was retested. Her hearing had dramatically improved from 30% of "normal hearing", to 70%. Click here to read
Irwin Paul
Second letter from Irwin Paul, stating as a result of Dean's energy healing treatments, Jennifer's hearing aid was removed and she was disenrolled from the Lexington School for the Deaf. Her hearing eventually returned completely. Click here to read
Doctors had given up and told Pauline she needed a miracle to walk again. Quadriplegic and wheelchair bound due to two strokes, she also suffered from constant migraines. She placated her son and allowed Dean to come on a "house call". When Pauline's headaches disappeared after the first session, she went on with many more energy healing treaments. Within 6 months of the onset of treatment with Dean, not only had her migraines disappeared, her quadriplegia had completely reversed and Pauline left her wheelchair behind forever. (At Dean and Rochelle's Engagement Party, Pauline danced with Dean) Click here to read

Irwin Paul
Pauline Sheinis
Dora Vasallo
Breast tumor disappeared after single treatment. Click here to read
Seymour Loew
Complete recovery from prostatic condition and incipient emphysema. Click here to read
Sharon Latterman
Definite improvement with inflamed cartilage in the knee, healing of abdominal abcesses, and alleviation of pain. Click here to read
Marilyn Englese
Recovery from debilitating chronic depression. Click here to read
Rabbi Arthur Laifer
Improvement in clarity of vision and sight due to Dean's laying-on-of-hands treatments which dissolved his cataracts. Click here to read
Lewis Gordon
Improvement and subsequent full recovery from severe back pain - X-rays confirmed spine was no longer deformed. Click here to read
Benjamin M.
Following treatment with Dean Kraft, malignant brain tumor shrunk, cessation of accompanying daily seizures, and eventual full remission [3 years at time of letter]. Click here to read
Jonathan Felt
Former Producer
"20/20" ABC-TV
Full recovery from open wound on foot, that would not heal for 3 years, until after 4 treatments with Dean Kraft. Click here to read
City of Hallandale, FL1979, 1980,

The State of Florida was the first to recognize Dean Kraft's work when he was granted the first License to an energy healer under the Professional Medical Category of Mental Healing in the City of Hallandale. Click here to view
Allan Klearman
Credits Dean Kraft as instrumental with his 6 week recovery from coma and colon cancer, and subsequent full recovery - after the physicians suggested "pulling the plug" to his family while in the coma. Click here to read testimonial,  and additional information
Dorothea B. Chapman,
Was one of Dean Kraft's cancer patients. Click here to read
Julia C. Howard
Rep. 74th District,
North Carolina
General Assembly,
House of
Mrs. Howard observed her husband, Abe, substantially improve with the life-threatening disease Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), after Dean's energy healing treatments. Click here to read
Marcy Goldstein, M.D.
Dr. Goldstein became a patient of Dean Kraft when a life-threatening glomus jugalare tumor, which was encroaching on the jugular vein, was discovered in his neck. After energy healing treatments with Dean, the tumor disappeared. Click here to read
Miriam had an inoperable parotid tumor in the middle of her forehead which  disappeared after Dean's laying-on-of-hands treatments. Click here to read
Miriam Goldstein
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In the time between the 1980's and early 1990's, the Krafts focused their attention on healing research
and writing other projects. Patient testimonials were not actively collected during these hectic years.