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"Beyond Medicine" by Dr. Hans Holzer 1974

• "Other Healers, Other Cures" by Helen Kruger, 1975

"PK" by Michael Brown, 1976

"Vibrations" by Daniel Logan, 1976

"The Powers of the New Age" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 1978

"Psychic Healing" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 1979

"The Mind Race" by Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

• "The Truth About Creative Visualization" by Carl L. Wesckcke and Keith Randolph, 1984

"Mind Over Matter" by D. Scott Rogo, 1986

"Intangible Evidence" by Bernard Gittelson, 1987

• "Healing Beyond Medicine" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 1994

"Sightings" by Susan Michaels, 1996

• "Are You Psychic?" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 1997

• "Afterwards You're a Genius: Faith, Medicine and the Metaphysics of Healing"
   by Chip Brown, 1998

• "Psychic - True Paranormal Experiences" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 1999

"The Psychic Yellow Pages" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 2001

• "Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution" by Dr. Daniel Benor, 2001

• "Spiritual Healing: Professional Supplement" (Healing Research) by Daniel J. Benor, 2002

• "The Supernatural -  Explaining the Unexplained" by Dr. Hans Holzer, 2003

• "The Path of Life: The Future Human World" by Wen Wei Ou, 2004

• "Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing; Self-Healing and Energy Medicine for the 21st Century" (Healing Research, Vol. 2; Professional Edition) by Dr. Daniel J. Benor, May 2004

• "How Can I Heal What Hurts?" (Healing Research, Vol. 2 Popular Edition) by Dr. Daniel Benor,
   Feb. 2005
These well known authors write about the paranormal and alternative medicine.
Dean Kraft - Energy Healer